It's Blowing In West Texas

Just a small look out my window

The West Texan lifestyle fascinates me to no end.


My kid needs to use my computer to work on her “planet report”. CLEAR HISTORY! CLEAR HISTORY! CLEAR HISTORY! CLEAR HISTORY! CLEAR HISTORY!

—Matt Hillyer ‏@MattHillyer1

More coffee mister!

—Justin Townes Earle ‏@JustinTEarle

not that there’s a chance in hell but if i was to perform at halftime i would sing every verse to choctaw bingo w/ hookers rather than kids.

Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

in the studio w/ rick richards, george reiff, brad rice, ian mclagan and..and.. i can’t tell you just yet. he can sing & do indeed write.

hayescarll ‏@hayescarll

@raywylie are you gonna invite me over?

When the wine fairy leaves gifts at my desk, I know I’ve been a really good girl… Or bitchy.

Lisa Christi ‏@lisachristi

@RodneyJCrowell rips off fragments of his soul, rhymes them, lays ‘em in a country blues rock groove, sings righteous and drips cool. Yep.

Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

Errol’s Song may be the greatest song I’ve ever heard…every time I hear it.

The Damn Quails ‏@thedamnquails

Driving through West,TX & NOT stopping at Style Station or Czech Stop takes an immense amount of self-discipline

Kylie Rae Harris ‏@KylieRH

@hayescarll got the crowd so wild, rabid and decadent as we were driving off, lucas looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.

Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

I think I need to write again. For no one but me.

Ryan Hargrave ‏@ryanhargrave

,@javigarciamusic Yea, I hear ya… I’m just so tired of mediocrity being popular when there are some truly talented artists out there

Judy Hubbard ‏@AskMuthaHubbard

Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.

Will Ferrell Parody ‏@FillWerrelFan

Several things in my life are completely falling apart right now. But my fantasy team is dominating. And that makes everything better.

Phil B. ‏@HipHatchet