It's Blowing In West Texas

Just a small look out my window

since country music has gone to hell, looks like God’s got the last laugh..devil must be going nuts down there.

—Ray Wylie Hubbard

@TheWildOne they won’t get played on ‘hot new country’ radio yet more than likely those who care not for such songs will like them.


my idea for a new tv show ”country pop singer intervention” has details on my face book page. oprah or jerry springer call me.

—Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

so make sure when you tweet some country singer ‘rocks’, they’re not just playing their wimpy songs louder.

—Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

I don’t need a little rain, I need a flood

—Kenneth O’Meara

rap country: one rung above the sideshow geek eating a live chicken. change that; the geek is at lest making an honest living. nothing lower