It's Blowing In West Texas

Just a small look out my window

Ain’t no money in poetry
That’s what sets the poet free
I’ve had all the freedom I can stand.

—Guy clark (via ness-g-lo)

if a radio station would promote itself by saying “today’s mcmurtry isbell shaver departed zz top jonathan tyler blues rock”..i’d listen

—Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

Jazz- Never trust a genre of music you can’t dance on a table to

—Judy Hubbard ‏@AskMuthaHubbard

Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

in the studio w/ rick richards, george reiff, brad rice, ian mclagan and..and.. i can’t tell you just yet. he can sing & do indeed write.

hayescarll ‏@hayescarll

@raywylie are you gonna invite me over?

You choose what your future looks like.

Ships of Song ‏@ShipsofSong

Let’s all take out our guitars and play..send cosmic waves of music thru the universe…then wait for a better day.

Skip Hubbard ‏@skippy661159

When the wine fairy leaves gifts at my desk, I know I’ve been a really good girl… Or bitchy.

Lisa Christi ‏@lisachristi

I think people tend to over estimate their natural talent and under estimate those whom have taught them.


Errol’s Song may be the greatest song I’ve ever heard…every time I hear it.

The Damn Quails ‏@thedamnquails

on the days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations I have really good days

—Ray Wylie Hubbard

I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water.

Ray Charles (via laughingsamdice)

Driving through West,TX & NOT stopping at Style Station or Czech Stop takes an immense amount of self-discipline

Kylie Rae Harris ‏@KylieRH

@hayescarll got the crowd so wild, rabid and decadent as we were driving off, lucas looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.

Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie