It's Blowing In West Texas

Just a small look out my window
Hayes Carll

—Chances Are


Chances Are - Hayes Carll

Chances are I took the wrong turn 
Every time I had a turn to take
And I guess I broke my own heart
Every chance I had a heart to break.
And it seems I spent my whole life
Wishin’ on the same unlucky star
And as I watch you cross the barroom, I wonder
What my chances are.

His voice isn’t classically perfect- but it’s weathered and time worn, like he’s drank a lot of whiskey and written songs all night. I really love this song, give it a listen. 


Well I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in, living in the shadows of all my sins but hey, we’ve all got our problems.

Summer Jam Texas 2013 - Texas Music Festival

To all my tumblr friends…PLEASE help us spread the word about our concert out here in West Texas and REBLOG this:-)  Thanks so much!!!

Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros

It’s Only Rain

My productive evening at home has been completely waylayed by @ToddSnider videos on YouTube. I only meant to watch one.

—hayescarll ‏@hayescarll

so coming into Canada at the border crossing they said pull over there for inspection. i said i know @CorbLund. they said go on through.

—Ray Wylie Hubbard ‏@raywylie

The Damn Quails


Uncle Lucius ROCKS…..if you didn’t know, find out!

—Steve Skip Hubbard ‏@skippy66

This world needs more honky-tonks and dance halls.

—Liz Foster ‏@AhhRizzy